Neil Young’s “Harvest Moon” Covered By Poolside

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Poolside’s first LP “Pacific Standard Time” came out last summer and instantly became the perfect soundtrack for sunbathing and making pitchers of margaritas.

The crowned kings of daytime disco had put together a super vibe-y and lounged out record that seemed to make time go slower.

Hellooo summer!

One track that drove this point home more than others, was a cover of Neil Young’sHarvest Moon”.

When they played Morning Becomes Eclectic last fall, we were expecting this song to take us back to longer days and warmer nights. But then it hit me, Harvest Moon is about falling in love…IN THE FALL!

Was this quintessential summertime record really a celebration of Autumnal Ecliptic Longitudes?

When we played this record over and over again, digging sand out of our toes and enjoying late night cocktails on the patio, were we really celebrating the harvest and preparing for winter?

How could they be so insidious and call themselves Poolside? Should have been more like Pile Of Leaves-Side…

Oh, summer… don’t go.

Poolside Live on KCRW