New Moby Music – Download for Free

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I knew new music was on the horizon for Moby and, sure enough, here it is!

He’s offering a free 3-song EP “Be The One” on his site in an exchange for an email and has announced a full length studio album “Destroyed,” out in mid-May.

From Moby’s blog:

“Musically, it’s very melodic and atmospheric and electronic, and if I had to sum it up I would describe it as: ‘broken down melodic electronic music for empty cities at 2 A.M.”

destroyedI love that description. Moby recently relocated to LA and that sounds like the perfect soundtrack to driving on an LA freeway in the middle of the night when there is no one else on the road.

It’s a true joy, especially with the right music.

He’ll also be releasing a book of photos to go along with the music, including one that inspired the title.

Jason Bentley will be talking to Moby (as well as Raphael Saadiq and Dave Sitek) about what it means to have a music career in 2011 as part of the EMP Pop Conference on February 26. Find out more info here!


Destroyed Track List

the broken places

be the one


the low hum


the day

the right thing


victoria lucas

blue moon

lie down in darkness

stella maris

the violent bear it away


when you are old