New Music by Heartless Bastards: Only For You MP3 Premiere

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One of the executive producers on Friday Night Lights, Jeff Reiner, turned me on to The Heartless Bastards in 2006 and boom, I was in love with their sound.

Sharp, smart, indie rock that rocked as much as it moved me emotionally. I immediately thought lead singer Erika Wennerstrom’s voice was especially unique.  And, as Music Supervisor for FNL, I was happy we were able to use their tunes several times throughout the series and they even performed on camera for us too!

Last time we heard from the Austin-based band was in 2009 and, right on time for everyone’s least/most favorite heart-baring holiday, they have a new full-length coming on Valentines Day, Feb 14.

It’s called “Arrow” and, true to form, it’s every bit as good as the last three. I was immediately drawn to this song, “Only For You”. I can’t get it out of my head although I wouldn’t attempt it in karaoke, some tough notes to hit.

Stream “Only For You“:

DJ Anne Litt and I are kind of freaking over this song and we’ve both given it some spins. Everyone I play it for kind of freaks out over it too. This girl can sing, and she and her band can write!

– Liza Richardson

Arrow” Tracklisting:

1. Marathon
2. Parted Ways
3. Got To Have Rock and Roll
4. Only For You
5. Simple Feeling
6. Skin And Bone
7. The Arrow Killed The Beast
8. Late In The Night
9. Low Low Low
10. Down In The Canyon