New Music from Café Tacvba

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There are very few alternative bands in the Latin realm that have survived decades and made impactful contributions across various genres.

Café Tacvba began in the late 80’s with a melodica, a drum machine, and a lead singer that would become one of the most iconic voices in all of Latin America.

They were “Rock en Español,” when it was something new and innovative. Then when the industry shifted to the even more so amorphous moniker of “Latin Alternative,” Tacvba was at the head of the class.

Around 2003 they made the leap to Pop, and broke through to the mainstream with their chart-topping ballad, “Eres,” off their MCA Records release Cuatro Caminos.

Caféta‘s musical versatility & legacy are strong. And their knack for reinventing themselves on most new albums has been pretty interesting. Especially that one mainly instrumental, double album in ’99 Reves/Yosoy. It’s also almost universally accepted, by Latin music heads, that Café Tacvba’s sophomore album, Re, is tantamount to The Beatles‘ White Album. I can see the correlation.

The impact this band has had on Mexican music & culture, both in Latin America and the U.S., with their integration of traditional folk styles alongside Rock & Roll has been unparalleled.

And anytime a couple years go by without new music from them, the rumors start flying around that they broke up.

Well fear not. This morning, after a 4 year absence, the quartet released their first single from what is believed to be a forthcoming album!!!!

“Un par de lugares,” was engineered by Mick Guzauski (Michael Jackson, Prince, Eric Clapton, Daft Punk) and produced with longtime collaborator Gustavo Santaolalla (Bajofondo, Juanes).

It’s a relatively mellow song, which to quote lead singer Rubén Albarrán, “speaks to feelings of absence… and the places our minds and hearts go to recover those thoughts that alleviate pain.”

You can catch them on their upcoming California dates with Theivery Corporation, see them live this weekend in Santa Ana during their headlining slot at La Tocada, or reminisce with a classic live session of theirs on MBE. It’s all so good!