New Song From The Horrors — Still Life

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I am one of those people that was absolutely in love with The Horrors‘ 2009 album “Primary Colours“.  Jason Bentley and I bonded over our love for their swirling, dark masterpieces. And I did think to myself, how can they follow that up?

After hearing their new track “Still Life“, off the forthcoming “Skying,” I am pretty convinced this album could be even better.

Literally, the hair on my arm stood up when I first heard it.  It’s gorgeous and taps right into that spot in my heart saved for a truly great song. That feeling never gets old

There are still echoes of Joy Division in their shoegazey sound, particularly in Faris Badwan’s vocals, but its a bit more accessible. I think it will open them up to a whole new audience.

‘Skying” will be released on XL Recordings July 2011. Excited.


p.s.: This is a public plea for them to schedule an LA show as soon as possible. 🙂