Nick Waterhouse Covers The Seeds’ “Pushin’ Too Hard”

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The Seeds‘ single “Pushin’ Too Hard was released in 1965 and although it didn’t see any time in the Billboard charts right away, it climbed to number 35 when it was re-released later that year.

I guess you could say “Pushin’ Too Hard” was a euphemism about timing.

The Seeds were Southern California through and through, ushering a new era of psych-rock and experimenting with sounds by using keyboards as their bass in recordings.  The pace of their songs along with their protest lyrics were definitely a pre-cursor to more modern punk and the catalyst to their larger commercial success.

Nick Waterhouse is all about the “times”. The first time I met him was during his fantastic performance on Morning Becomes Eclectic.

A fashionable man who crafts a purposeful aesthetic. His black-rimmed glasses and throwback soul and swing sound are no coincidence. Neither was his choice to play live at the Hollywood American Legion Hall the night after his KCRW performance.

With pictures of retired vets adorning the walls, massive American flags everywhere and a perfectly curated crowd you think they were picked out of a line for a reality show. Walking through those doors was like stepping back in time. And Nicks sound, a tailor made soundtrack to dance-hall days of the fancy free post war era. I was literally waiting for Marty McFly to come out for his last call during the enchantment under the sea dance…

So, let’s pretend that The Seeds — who were ahead of their time and Nick– were each searching for something different than what they were surrounded with, and they both agreed on “Pushin’ Too Hard“.

Nick Waterhouse Live on KCRW — “Pushin’ Too Hard” (The Seeds cover)

Check out one of Nick’s originals, “Dead Room“, below.