Nick Waterhouse: Local Artist We Love

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By KCRW DJ Marion Hodges

Nick Waterhouse, you have to take notice.

Waterhouse takes classic benchmarks from his chosen genre – sassy back up singers, killer saxophone parts, sharp looking clothes, etc. – and uses them wisely.

Being an avid student of the greats (Motown, Stax, etc.) will only take you so far, it’s all in how you infuse your findings with your own personal style and charm. Nick Waterhouse has style and charm to spare.

It’s no wonder then that his latest EP “Is That Clear” has been in such heavy rotation here at KCRW lately. The two stand outs from that release — the title track, and “I Can Only Give You Everything”, signal a confident young performer that you can’t wait to hear more from.

I’ve been watching videos of his live show on YouTube, and he is definitely a man who knows how to put on a SHOW.

The only part of a great live show that doesn’t translate from video though is the incredible energy that must course through the room when such an artist takes the stage.  Those of you lucky enough to be bound for SXSW should most certainly check it out for yourselves.

Nick Waterhouse at SXSW:

Wednesday March 14th – Echo & Echoplex/ Origami Vinyl SXSW Throwdown – Shangri-La (1016 East 6th Street)
Wednesday March 14th – Innovative Leisure Showcase feat Nick Waterhouse, Hanni El Khatib, Allah-Las, Feeding People, Jeremy Sole & Computer Jay.
Thursday March 15th – Aquarium Drunkard/Hype Machine/Pure Volume party – 504 Trinity Street
Saturday March 17th – Mess With Texas – 1001 East 6th Street