Nickodemus Spins Guest DJ Set on KCRW Tonight!

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DJ, Producer, Label Owner and founder of NYC’s legendary Turntables On The Hudson events, Nickodemus will stop by KCRW to mix a guest DJ set during DJ Jeremy Sole’s show tonight at 1am (technically Thursday morning). It will be available in the archives here after it airs.

From Jeremy:

DJ Jeremy Sole and Nickodemus
DJ Jeremy Sole and Nickodemus

Nickodemus is a force of nature! Both on the turntables and in the studio. His approach, style and warmth get people, ALL KINDS OF PEOPLE, moving and smiling instantly.

He is one of my absolute favorite people to DJ with and I’m quite excited that he’ll be stopping by for a live set.

He’s been a key element in the NYC dance music scene for over 10 years and his sound is like a traveling circus that gets everyone’s hips & feet moving! It will stop off in the Middle East & Africa, over to Brazil, Colombia & the Caribbean, up to New Orleans & landing in his hometown, Brooklyn NYC.

The DJs at KCRW have been big supporters of his two albums “Engangered Species” and “Sun People,” and his seven “Turntables On The Hudson” compilations.

Nickodemus has also done official remixes for Billy Holiday, Nina Simone, Bebel Gilberto, Sultan Khan, Thievery Corporation, Astor Piazzolla & many more.

His most recent recording effort is part of a fundraiser for The Earthchild Project in Capetown.

Stream “Beauty Is Your Name”

Download the song here.

The song was recorded with the children from the Sakumlandela Primary School’s Earthchild Project & Zolani and Kyla from the band Freshly Ground.  All proceeds from the compilation featuring this song go to The Earthchild Project in Capetown. Find out more here and tune in tonight!”

Jeremy Sole

Editor’s Note: Back from touring nearly every continent on the planet, Nickodemus is in LA to perform this Saturday (1/15) at the one year anniversary of theLIFT – a monthly nomadic afterhours thrown by Sole and DJ Wiseacre.  It’s an RSVP only event happening this Saturday.

Nickodemus, Wiseacre, & Jeremy Sole in Venice
Nickodemus, Wiseacre, & Jeremy Sole in Venice