Novena Carmel's campy, funky, and frightful Halloween playlist

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In my personal Halloween dream, I'm at a festive, cozy house party with wood flooring, kooky friends, orange lighting and the perfect amount of synthetic fog. We know it's almost 2020, but it also feels like it could be 1970-something. The food is shaped and colored to be delectably icky. The candy corn looks great, but remains mostly untouched all night. The BOO-zy cocktail of the evening has a clever name like Witch, Please or Berry Scary Spritz. Maybe there are horror movies playing in the background. And there's definitely a killer music soundtrack full of retro flair with equal parts funk, camp and fright.

When it comes to the playlist, I've got it covened... I mean, covered, and I'm scaring - oops - SHARING it with you! And yes, the intro is an actual recording of me putting the playlist together. Enjoy anywhere (home? work? car? broom?), my booloveds!