Oberhofer Live on KCRW – Away FRM U + Gold

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The poppy punk of Oberhofer was a welcome distraction to an otherwise gloomy SoCal day. In fact, Brooklyn-based frontman Brad Oberhofer mentioned they got to visit the beach –but they were there for 5 minutes and it was cold!

The band has been going non-stop since playing KCRW’s SXSW showcase in mid-March. They even flew over to Europe for a couple dates between the two Coachella weekends! That’s impressive, even though they are youngsters and can probably handle it.

Brad told Jason Bentley that he is “having the time of his life” touring behind their record “Time Capsules II” (asked what he what put in an actual time capsule, he answered “a prophecy”. Hmmmm.)

He wrote the album as a “bedroom project” but clearly seems to relish touring behind it with a group of musicians and even talked about the evolution of songs – how you write them during one time in your life, record them when feeling a different way at a different time and then, when you play it live, you’re interpreting it through the filter of “however you feel at the time”. I really enjoyed that insight into the mind of an artist. (I also love that his first professional aspiration was to become a “famous rapper”…at the age of 12)

Check out the set online and another video highlight below.


Oberhofer Live on KCRW – Set List

Away FRM U






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