Other Lives Live on MBE – “Easy Way”

Written by
Jesse Tabish by Larry Hirshowitz

I love when I get to experience a band’s new music in a live setting first.

Other Lives treated us to songs from their forthcoming album “Rituals”, out next month. They played six new songs live on MBE, but they wrote 60 for their 3rd full length, over a period of 18 months.

The core trio moved from their longtime home in Oklahoma to Portland, seeking to “explore a new place in the mindset of doing new music,” according to singer Jesse Tabish.

The songs still feature the layered orchestration the band is known for, but they aimed for a cleaner, brighter sound.

Their move westward came after traveling the country on tour over the last four years and they picked Portland because, well, LA is too expensive.

The change in locale seems to have worked well for them and we’re excited to feature this live preview of the new album.

Find the full session here.

Editor’s Note: They toured with Radiohead a couple years back and I think you can really hear it in the song below.

Other Lives Live on KCRW – Set List

English Summer
For the Last
2 Pyramids
Need a Line
Easy Way