Painter Daniel Peacock is Our Guest DJ

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KCRW bag painting sml web
by Daniel Peacock

Los Angeles-based painter Daniel Peacock has a major influence on KCRW whether you know it or not. His work is one of only of few pieces of art in Master Control, the main studio where all our DJ’s broadcast from, playing music for a global audience. It’s a pretty magical place made even more special by the giant painting Daniel did for one of our “A Sounds Eclectic Evening” benefit concerts. He also created an image recently (see above) that we used on one of our Pledge Drive membership gifts.

His work is always whimsical, colorful and playful and his Guest DJ Project set reflects all of those – with picks ranging from Perry Como to Jesca Hoop.

On The Beatles “Yellow Submarine” —

“Actually, this one always felt not so much of a song, but more like theatre.  It felt like I could see the song and I always like the sound effects as part of the musical experience… it opened up my taste for what I consider what you could put in a 2 minute song, a 3 minute song.  You know, the song actually by the way, is very odd.  And it is slightly disturbing.  And it’s not my favorite Beatles song, but it is the song that opened up music as a magical theatre beyond a melody.”

Hear his full Guest DJ set and read the transcript here and check out more of his work online

Daniel Peacock’s Tracklist

1 – Summertime – Jesca Hoop
2 – Yellow Submarine – The Beatles
3 – Je T’aime…Moi Non Plus – Serge Gainsbourg
4 – Magic Moment – Perry Como
5 – Ramble On – Led Zeppelin


Apple -dp
by Daniel Peacock
House Mouse - dp
by Daniel Peacock