Pan Caliente: La Yegros “Chicha Roja” Premiere

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One of the beauties about musica indie is that it incorporates a plethora of different musical styles (yes, I just used the world “plethora.”) Many times the slight influences are barely recognizable to a trained ear. Others times, they are simple modifications where the classic genres get a glossy update and remain true to the original.

Cumbia, a traditional resonance of South America comes in many different forms. Cumbia Colombiana, Cumbia Sonidera, Peruvian Cumbia/Chicha, & Cumbia Mexicana, to name a few predominant derivations. The list of subgenres for cumbias can actually go on and on due to the specificity of its sound being a direct association with geographical locations and social class.

With that said, today we delve into Argentina, where the influences of Cumbia Villera & underground Electro Cumbia have meshed over the past decade to produce a unique sound classified as Nu-Cumbia. This exclusive premiere of “Chicha Roja” by La Yegros is a great example of this particular style.

“Chicha Roja” brings that magical cumbia energy unmatched by any other genre. This track has a vitality that compels & inspires movement through dance. Its chorus expresses a burning desire for Chicha, the homemade drink from the Andes, that, when fermented, is known to erode inhibitions and would be akin to beer at a party. It’s essentially a party jam with a fresh sound, in a way that going back to basics can be refreshing after so many have tried to hybridize it. If you find yourself dancing along to this jam, don’t be alarmed; cumbia has been known to do that to pretty much… everyone.

La Yegros’ voice is already synonymous with the Argentinian Nu-cumbia sound through her collabs with ZZK Records, as well as her producer Gaby Kerpel’s project King Coya. Her sophomore album, Magnetismo, slated for release March 11 on Soundway Records (home of Ondatrópica & Bomba Estereo) ups the ante with slicker production and cool collaborations with the likes of Gustavo Santaolalla, Sabina Sciubba of Brazilian Girls, etc.

Keep an ear out for it.

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