Pan Caliente: MPEACH premieres danceable track "Fuego de Colores"

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It’s time to bring some BSE to Pan Caliente (that’s booty shaking energy)! Don’t act like you haven’t been watching DJs on IG live and dancing a lot more in your house. And typically, April is the month when music starts heating up with danceable bangers for the summer months.  

Well, in that spirit, we take all that pent-up energy and have it exorcised by Venezuelan multidisciplinary musician, MPEACH. 

Mariana Martín Capriles, aka MPEACH, combines Changa Tuki (Venezuelan ghetto music) with Afro-Caribbean beats. Then glazes those over with Venezuelan traditional folk. It’s lyrically sound, minimally groovy, and could technically be classified into the nuevo perreo movement (if one were taking it at face value).

However, on “Fuego de Colores,” today’s premiere, MPEACH elevates her sound into a different stratosphere through a seamless collaboration with DJ/Producer and co-founder of the NY monthly party Que Bajo?!, Uproot Andy. Uproot brings a heavy danceable melody that plays to his Afro/World Beat strengths.

“This song is very special to me and we’ve been working on this collaboration for over two years. Who would have thought that when it was finally done, and we have a release date that made sense with both our schedules, the world turns upside down!”

Well, lucky for us they dropped this rhythmic banger during our dire need to dance while in self-isolation. Enjoy!