Pan Caliente: Playlist updates from world beats to sultry sounds

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About every 6 months, we take a look back at all the artists we’ve featured and premiered here, and we throw choice tunes of theirs into our master Pan Caliente playlist on Spotify.

The latest additions include: the sultry sounds of Colombian R&B sensation Jona Camacho, the mellow vibes of August Eve, and the bilingual stylings of Ambar Lucid. You’ll also hear local Cali staples making world beats like Buyepongo, Quitapenas and soulful Bakersfield youngin Junior Mesa.  Not to be forgotten are the rising stars we’ve also profiled like Brooklyn’s Salt Cathedral, socially conscious Tito Rey, and the retro glam funkstress Welfair.

Since playlists are reigning supreme these days, check out this extensive cut featuring bands we’ve profiled over the year. Stay healthy.