Pan Caliente: SXSW X Musica Indie (SXSW Preview)

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Grab a pair of comfortable shoes, pack a light sweater, and schedule that industry lunch at Ironworks early in the week, so you can upload your BBQ pic hashtagged SXSW before the rest of the music industry shows up in Austin.

Cynicism aside, SXSW is one of my favorite music conferences, because the possibility of discovering and hearing new bands is virtually limitless.

With just the right amount of planning and a gung-ho Pedicab, you can maximize these intense few days of showcases and really brag to your friends that you saw “that band way before they played Coachella.”

Here is our guide for bands showcasing musica indie this year in Austin. Expand your horizons!

Felipe El Hombre (Mexico)

Sound: Garage Rock

For those purists looking to to enjoy some great lo-fi, loud, guitar driven, rock.

Showcasing: Friday, March 20 at BD Rileys

Caloncho (Mexico)

Sound: Folk-Pop

So excited we will get to see one of our favorite albums of 2014 performed live in Austin this year. A little mellow on a Friday before the party.

Showcasing: Friday, March 20 at Red Eye Fly

Chancha via Circuito (Argentina)

Sound: Electro-Cumbia Folk

Chancha takes the folkloric sounds of South America transforms them into global beat essentials. It doesn’t get better than Argentinian electro cumbia.

Showcasing: Thursday, March 19 at Russian House

Matias Aguayo (Chile via Germany)

Sound: Electronic

DJ/ Producer/ Label owner dishes out some delicious electronica and has some great collaborations. Will be interesting to see what his live show is like since many label mates will also be in Tejas.

Showcasing: Wednesday, March 18 at Empire Control Room

El Conjunto Nueva Ola (Los Angeles)

Sound: Covers / Cumbia Desmadre

Imagine if Weird Al put on a luchador mask, gathered other LA based musicians from prominent bands, and went on a Cumbia party tear! That is the beauty of ECNO.

FYI their recordings do not do their live shows justice.

Showcasing: Saturday, March 21 at Clive Bar

Apolo (Mexico)

Sound: Somewhere in between hair metal and glam.

Great stage presence with a hunger to rock some faces off.

Showcasing: Thursday, March 19 at Palm Door on Sixth

Bomba Estereo (Colombia)

Sound: Electro-Cumbia/World Beat

It was back in 2009 that Bomba Estereo made their jump to the main stage at SXSW and the rest is history. Danceable beats! Excellent shows!

Showcasing: Saturday, March 21 at Auditorium Shores