Pan Caliente video premiere feat. the cosmic sounds of Mateo Kingman's ‘Tejidos’

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I know it’s Monday, but you're down for some cosmic Amazonian beats courtesy of Ecuadorian musician Mateo Kingman, right?

The answer is YES!

Today we have the exclusive premiere of Mateo Kingman’s new video entitled ‘Tejidos.’

Kingman grew up in the small town of Macas (in the Ecuadorian Amazon), and was immersed in Shuar culture and Amazonian mythologies. He's getting ready to release his second album Astro (due out July 26th), where he explores the finite conditions of man within the infinite conditions of the universe. Musically, it's a mixture of chill out sounds with touches of global bass weaved in between.

Conceptually, the album is pretty heavy, however the music is quite appealing, and the music video (directed by Adriana Craspo) is uber stimulating.

Mateo says "'Tejidos' corresponds to the most cosmic part of the album. It is a dialogue between the traveler and the snakes/vehicles of the universe; the moment before the disintegration of the being; the first contact with the stars and the void. I like the idea of transmitting a deep message transported by a light and versatile vehicle.

And here you thought whatever you enjoyed this past weekend had already worn off… deep inhale, deep exhale. Take a listen.