Pan Caliente Video Premiere feat. the upbeat rhythms of Viento Callejero

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Summer is in full swing (well, at least the heat is on here in LA), and today we present a video premiere of a great summer jam, courtesy of East Los Angeles-based urban cumbia champions, Viento Callejero.

“TROCHA” is a Caribbean-inspired anthem with lyrics in both Spanish and Portuguese that promotes pure, good, vibes, “pura vibra buena” (as you’ll hear echoed in the chorus). It combines upbeat rhythms with Afro-Cuban melodies that really groove. 

Behind the scenes, Viento Callejero, also brought together some heavyweights for their latest single. There are guest vocals from QVLN, and it was produced by Grammy-winning musician Quetzal Flores (of the band Quetzal). Not to mention it was also mixed and mastered by Grammy-winner, Robert Carranza, who has worked with the likes of Los Lobos, Jack Johnson, Beck, and Mars Volta. Stacked.

For the music video treatment, we can see the population of La Habana, Cuba as the main protagonist. Their joy of life and affinity for dancing is the focus and acts as the backdrop to this groove that will hopefully inspire some corporal expression of your own.