Pan Caliente: Your Dia de los Muertos + Halloween Playlist

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Photo by Jeremiah Garcia

The time for ghosts, ghouls and sexy anything & everything is here.

Ahhh yes… Halloween.

Of the “holidays” or celebrations, Halloween is one of the few, much like Christmas, that actually has a soundtrack.

For me, my playlists are peppered with tons of great music of the macabre.

Oingo Boingo, The Cramps, The Misfits, Rocky Horror cast recordings, and any other eerie sounding bands that inspire the candy eating, clever costume party mood.

Conversely, since I am fully vested in the dark arts of Spanish language music, my playlists include hints of the “oculto” (occult).

I’m talking about maybe some Caifanes, Victimas del Dr. Cerebro, Heroes del Silencio… basically any and most of what was once Rock en Español.

But to transcend that, since the point of Pan Caliente is to hit you upside the head with new music in Spanish, I have compiled a playlist of Musica Indie artists whose chilling melodies, echoey vocals and creepy synths fit Halloween perfectly.

And to a greater extent, the themes of the songs tie into the greater celebration at large of Dia de los Muertos. A day where you honor the dead and celebrate what impact their lives once had on yours.

Take this ofrenda (offering) of 13 creepy jams for your enjoyment as you gear up to do whatever it is you do on Halloween.

Check out the playlist and hear it on Spotify here and below!

1. DePedro – “Llorona”
2. San Pascualito Rey- “Te Voy a Dormir”
3. Kinky- “A Donde Van Los Muertos?”
4. Mastretta y Julieta Venegas- “Luna de Miel”
5. Los Carniceros Del Norte- “Nosferatu Vive En Barakaldo”
6. Pate de Fua- “El Fantasma Enamorado”
7. Caifanes – “La Llorona”
8. Kumbia Queers – “Kumbia Zombie”
9. King Chango – “Brujeria”
10. Santa Sabina – “Despertar a los Muertos”
11. Lobo – “Torreblanca”
12. Zoe – “Fantasma”
13. Ozomatli – “Cumbia De Los Muertos”