Patrick Stewart Loves LA!

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From Shakespeare to Star Trek and the hugely successful X-Men series, Sir Pat Stew, as he is known on Twitter, is an iconic actor who has demonstrated an incredible sense of humor on that account.

He also, we learned, appreciates humor and wit in his songwriters.

For his Guest DJ Project set for KCRW, he picked three “songwriters, musicians, lyricists combined” who “represent the very best of music and lyric writing in the 20th century in the United States.”

He calls Steven Sondheim “the most important figure in American theater” (with apologies to Arthur Miller and Tennessee Williams), and also shows his appreciation for Paul Simon and Randy Newman.

As someone who spends a bit of time in Hollywood, we HAD to ask.

What does he think of our fair town and the song “I Love LA”?

His song picks also include the first piece of classical music he ever heard and a track sung by his wife Sunny Ozell, as well as the incredible story behind seeing her sing live for the first time.

Hear the full 10-minute show below.

A second bonus clip I have to share: Patrick talking about meeting Sting for the first time. And having NO idea who he was. A hilarious 2-minute story.