Pelo Telefone 1916 (On the Telephone) becomes Pelo Internet (On the Internet)

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Brazil’s first phonographic record  (or Edison wax cylinder?) was “Pelo Telefone”, On the Telephone, in 1916.  It was a samba by a guy named Donga.  Here is a youtube video of it:

Later, in the 1990’s, Gilberto Gil created a new song based on the old one, called “Pelo Internet” — on the internet.  And just the other day, I received a new cd, The Best of Marcos Valle, who creates smooth, contemporary Brazilian music, and there’s yet another version of “Pelo Internet”.

On it, past and present come together, and the new songs celebrate the samba as much as Brazilian music history.

Here is a 1952 Greek film, made in Egypt, where a bunch of white people are dancing to “Pelo Telefone”.

Many Brazilian artists have recorded the song, including Martinho da Vila and Chico Buarque.  Here is Chico Buarque and another legenary Brazilian artist, Pixinguinha (love that name!)   singing it with the original artist, Donga: