Penguin Prison Live on KCRW: Don’t Fuss With My Money

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Two words: Dance Party!

Penguin Prison plays 80’s style elctro-pop that would be considered a guilty pleasure if it wasn’t so damn good! Singer Chris Glover nailed his falsetto vocals even at 11am, complete with Michael Jackson-style yelps and wails (and, thankfully, without the groin thrusts).

They kicked off the set with “Golden Train”, the first song he wrote as Penguin Prison, with a friend from another NYC-based band, Holy Ghost, followed by a radio-friendly version of a song that became an anthem of sorts for the Occupy movement: “Don’t F*ck With My Money”. It was changed to “Don’t Fuss With My Money” for our purposes and it was just as good.

They also performed their remix of Lana del Rey’s track “Blue Jeans.” With Chris singing the vocal part, you can really hear the lyrics, which are surprisingly solid. It’s probably my favorite Lana track and this version is excellent.

Enjoy it all in the archives here.


p.s.: grab the “Blue Jeans” remix here if you haven’t already.

Penguin Prison Live on KCRW Set List

Golden Train

Don’t Fuss With My Money

Fair Warning

The Worse It Gets

Something I’m Not

Blue Jeans (Penguin Prison Remix of Lana del Rey remix)


A Funny Thing