Petros Papadakis is Our Guest DJ!

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KCRW volunteer Derek Sedam was key in getting Fox Sports Radio host Petros Papadakis to participate in the Guest DJ Project. The outlandish host brings the same trademark gusto he brings to sports analysis to his Guest DJ set, which you can hear online here.

PetrosPapadakisCheck out his set list and Derek’s story of working as an intern for Petros below.

Petros Papadakis on KCRW’s Guest DJ Project – Playlist

1. Can’t Do Without You – Terror Fabulous
2. Call Me Collect – Gregory Isaacs
3. Sweepstakes Prize – Mirah
4. Summertime – Charlie “Bird” Parker
5. Dance, Dance, Dance – Lykke Li

“My first day interning at the Petros and Money Show over the summer, I was told to not make eye contact with Petros Papadakis. Petros, the outspoken, burgeoning Fox Sports talent that has gone from high school sideline reporter to national radio host and television commentator in just a few short years, immediately called me out on my awkward “staring-at-everything-but-him” demeanor within the first hour, on-air.

That is Petros though – nothing gets by the man, as his interns, producers or whoever walks by the studio frequently becomes a character or storyline for his show. (It later turned out to be a little first-day hazing.)

Throughout the summer, I got to know the real Petros, as you will see on this Guest DJ Project: he is humble, everyday, blue-collar guy with a knack, passion and opinion for sports, music and everything else that falls in between his cross-hairs.

It was during my first few weeks interning that I quickly saw how passionate Petros, his co-host Matt “Money” Smith and their sound board engineer Ronnie Facio were about sharing and integrating their musical discoveries into the show.

Discussions about music with them are what ultimately led me to start volunteering at KCRW in June.

During the KCRW Masquerade Costume Ball, I asked music librarian and Guest DJ interviewer Eric J. Lawrence, a big fan of the Petros and Money Show, about why he tunes into their show.

“As the music librarian, it keeps me sane in a world full of music,” he said.

I think the same can be said for anyone who listens to Petros’ show. You never know what can happen in those four hours of show time. It is a break from the norm. A chance to be swept away from pretentious political talk, overanalyzed blowhard sports shows and the depressing news of our times. And, of course, the cherry-on-top of hearing great music.”

— Derek Sedam