Phoebe Snow (1952-2011)

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BXUDhSFWhL0JPhoebe Snow just died of a brain hemorrhage.  Like millions of people old enough to have been adults in the mid-70s, I loved her touching songs. Like “Harpo’s Blues”, “San Francisco Bay Blues” and “No Regrets”  Her most famous song, “Poetry Man” was a song about a woman having an affair—a teenage crush too– with a married man.  The song was about temporary joy and the refrain was “you don’t have to go”.

UnknownI interviewed her on Morning Becomes Eclectic once.  She was in town for a show at the Beverly Theatre.  She was not only a wonderful songwriter; she was a really good guitarist too.  But shortly have being nominated for a Grammy for Best New Artist, she left the music scene to care for her daughter full-time.  Her daughter was born with severe brain damage.  She left fame and fortune for her girl.


She was very emotional and fragile.  I remember that after our time together we all went over to Santa Monica Drug Company, a homeopathic pharmacy.  Phoebe wasn’t feeling well and needed some organic meds.  She was very stressed over her concert performances and started crying in the pharmacy.  I was moved by her vulnerability and openness in showing her emotions as much as I was by her lovely songs.

Here is a link to an early video of her performing on the David Letterman show (look at his hair!).  She’s performing the wonderful Sam Cooke classic “You Send Me” with such energy and soul.