Photos: Graffiti6 and Eastern Conference Champions at Also I Like to Rock

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photo by Andrew Herrold

From KCRW’s Monika Scott

As far as I’m concerned, summer started this past Thursday night at The Hammer.

Last year my summer didn’t feel official until the first Also I Like to Rock concert was underway.  That was partially due to the bizarrely chilly start summer had, but it was also because there is something decidedly summer-ish about sitting in the Hammer Museum’s outdoor courtyard taking in some live music.

After Dan Wilcox was done setting the mood, Eastern Conference Champions provided a perfect soundtrack to those breezy moments of twilight (irony intended) before it was officially night.  If it wasn’t Josh Ostrander’s engaging vocals affixing everyone’s eyes to the stage, it was the performance of Greg Lyons and Melissa Dougherty that captivated us all with their energy.  When it came time for UK charmers Graffiti6 to woo the audience they had no problem.  Between their charming combination of infectious originals and covers you didn’t realize you were longing for, they had the whole crowd in the palm of their hands. If you can’t get enough of them, listen to Graffiti6’s visit to MBE from earlier this week.

It was my first dance of the summer, and with Also I Like to Rock running every Thursday in July I have a feeling it won’t be my last.

Check out these photos from the event provided photographer Andrew Herrold.