Photos: Ian MacKaye Guest DJ Set on KCRW with Henry Rollins

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Henry and Ian

Henry and Ian. Photos by Charles Previtire

D.C. heroes, punk rock icons and BFFs Ian MacKaye and Henry Rollins joined forces for two hours of fiery radio this past Saturday that is now available for your listening pleasure in the KCRW archives.

Ian visits LA every now and again and Henry insisted he stop by and play some tunes. The guys have been friends since their teenage years (Ian is turning 50 soon, hard to imagine), and Ian said he took on the task by pretending the two of them were hanging out in his living room and he was putting on records he likes.

They reminisced about collecting vinyl together (this is music geekery at its finest from two very cool guys) and it was a real punk rock education from two experts.

Ian kicked things off with Bikini Kill and then plowed through a set of tunes. He called the band Lungfish, whose albums he releases on his own Dischord records, “masters of the repetitive groove” and “one of the most important bands in the world”.

He also called the track “Transfusion” by Nervous Norvous one of the “greatest songs of all time”. Meanwhile, Henry called Wire’s “Ex Lion Tamer” one of the most important records from the D.C. they came out of and a “mandatory record” to have in your collection.

Check out all of his selections below and hear the session online here.


Ian MacKaye on the Air. Photos by Charles Previtire
Ian and Henry get serious. Photos by Charles Previtire

Ian MacKaye Guest DJ Playlist on KCRW

01. Bikini Kill – New Radio / single
02. Scream – Walking By Myself / single
03. Lungfish – Savings / single
04. Nervous Norvous – Transfusion / single
05. Trashmen – King Of The Surf / single
06. Cold Cold Hearts – Broken Teeth / Cold Cold Hearts
07. The Vibrators – Petrol / Pure Mania
08. Viktims – Television Addict / single
09. Wire – Ex Lion Tamer / Pink Flag
10. Eddy Current Suppression Ring – Which Way To Go / single
11. Vernon Walters – The Truth About You / single
12. Felt Letters – 600,000 Bands / single
13. Satan’s Rats – Louise / single
14. The Pack – King Of Kings / single
15. Skunks – Good From The Bad / single
16. The Need – Let Them Eat Valiums / single
17. Shine – Lost Sun Dance / single
18. Dog Faced Hermans – Keep Your Laws Off Of My Body / Those Deep Buds
19. Creation – Through My Eyes / single
20. The Arbors – Hey Joe / The Arbors