Pixies Cover “In Heaven” from Eraserhead

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Pixies by Larry Hirshowitz

David Lynch‘s “Eraserhead is regarded as having a huge influence on many highly regarded directors including “The Shining”‘s Stanley Kubrick. The 1977 surrealist film was the first full length movie by the legendary director and it was even including in the  National Film Registry by the United States Library of Congress.

It’s soundtrack consisted of two songs both of which largely employed the use of organs to create ambient sounds. Not quite a score but not really background music either.

One song that found repetition in the film was “In Heaven” which was sung by The Lady In The Radiator and was originally written by Peter Ivers.

In the same echelon of their respective fields, the Pixies‘ iconography of Punk & Indie rock certainly influenced there fair share of artists to follow including the late Kurt Cobain‘s Nirvana.

On their visit to KCRW in between Coachella festival dates, the band played a handful of new songs plus some older ones including this cover which they had previously recorded for their initial demo tape.

It was put on an EP titled Pixies and released in 2002, but this song also pops up on a BBC compilation which was released in 1988 and sees regular play in their live sets.

This version sees Pixies following it up with a song off their new album Indie Cindy, “Andro Queen” which is actually a perfect little segue and a nice docile respite from what it typically a rowdy set.

Check out the full session here: Pixies – Live on Morning Becomes Eclectic