Portugal. The Man Live On MBE

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Photo by Larry Hirshowitz (The original image is no longer available, please contact KCRW if you need access to the original image.)

The excitement leading up to KCRW’s live session with Portugal. The Man was palpable as their single “Feel It Still” keeps rising the charts to become the biggest song of their career.

When they walked in the studio — and after laying eyes on our grand piano — they immediately started working up special versions of new songs just for our session – particularly “Noise Pollution.” It was amazing to watch it come together before my eyes (and ears) and was a highlight of the session.

They also ended the session by jamming out on a fan favorite from their live shows, “All Your Light.” It was truly epic.

If you missed the interview, it was hilarious and revealing. For the last decade, they released album after album, each one truly different and poured all they learned into Woodstock, with the help of some great producers.

We heard how many of the songs came about — from Danger Mouse throwing them in a room and simply telling them to play (“So Young“) to how Electric Guest’s Asa Taccone and John Gourley crafted the beginnings of what would be “Feel it Still” in under an hour, starting with a bass line.

Check out the full session and “Noise Pollution” below.

Portugal. The Man – MBE Set List

Number One
Noise Pollution
Live in the Moment
Feel it Still
So Young
All Your Light

(all photos c/o: Larry Hirshowitz)