RadioLab Host Jad Abumrad on KCRW’s Guest DJ Project

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JadAbumradWhen I first heard RadioLab, it totally stole my heart. I was driving on the freeway and I found myself entirely caught up in the story with teary eyes and a heavy heart. It was an experience that deeply affected me the way great radio should – fantastic storytelling combined with interesting subject matter, both touching and thought provoking.

When I heard host Jad Abumrad was visiting Los Angeles, I jumped at the chance to have him on the Guest DJ Project.  He has a background in music composition and is known for experimenting with sounds on the show. His Guest DJ picks reflect both his musical sophistication as well as some guilty pleasures. Jad talks about forming his musical identity with epic rock anthems, when Underworld destroyed him on the dance floor and how Bartok transformed the way he thinks about classical music. Fans of RadioLab will love this insight into the show’s beloved host.

The show returns to KCRW’s airwaves this Sunday.

Stream, download or podcast the Guest DJ set here