René Breton: Artist You Should Know

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Every time Jason Bentley plays René Breton’s “Botswana,” it captures my attention. Today, he backed it up against Pink Floyd’s “Speak to Me/Breathe” from Dark Side of the Moon, which not only worked sonically, but it was thoughtful as well. He says he always thinks of that track when he plays “Botswana”, which you can hear yourself below.

Botswana by 5ARecords

When I first heard the name René Breton, I didn’t realize it was a band. I didn’t know what it was! Come to find out that much of the music made by the Nashville duo of Ryan Hurtgen and Tobin Sio was influenced by French surrealists of the early twentieth century, included André Breton. Interesting!

You can download another song of their recently released album, “Asleep in Green,” off their website here.