Report From Comic-Con Part II – From Eric J Lawrence

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Friday at Comic-Con starts way too early for me.  The doors of the convention center open at 9:30, and I had to get there earlier still to accompany a journalist friend (and KCRW volunteer) to a press junket event.  This all left me with a splitting headache, which unfortunately lingered all day.

But like a true superhero, I rallied, traversing the entire floor of the exhibition hall in a single bound (well, several hundred bounds actually).  I saw some enticing footage from a forthcoming AMC zombie series, “The Walking Dead” (whose source comic book series just won the Eisner for best continuing series), and enjoyed the crazy party for the forthcoming “Tron” movie (Deejayed by Jason Bentley, natch!)

I was proud to hear Ed Brubaker won a couple of Eisners (I hosted him on a recent edition of the Guest DJ Project).  Overall, it was a typically excellent day at Comic-Con!

Guest sightings: Peter Mayhew (Chebacca from the Star Wars movies), Daniel Dae Kim (of Lost & the new version of Hawaii 5-0), Felicia Day (from Buffy & award-winning web series “The Guild”).