Resident Evil Heroine Milla Jovovich is Our Guest DJ

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Milla Jovovich.

First, she’s beyond beautiful. Secondly, she’s in one of my favorite movies, “The Fifth Element”. And lastly, I don’t really know anything about her!

So I was curious to learn about her life via 5 songs that have had a major impact on her.

For example, I never would have guessed that West Coast gangsta rap would have played such a major role in helping her break out and explore her independence after spending most of her early life working as a child actor. Eazy-E helped her cut loose!

Milla Jovovich raps Eazy-E on KCRW’s Guest DJ Project by KCRW

She also explores her Russian roots and her love of synth-pop. She stars in the Resident Evil franchise and the 5th installment, “Retribution”, is out September 14.


Milla Jovovich Guest DJ Project Set List

1. Unknown – Little Red Riding Hood
2. Eazy-E – Nobody Move
3. Cocteau Twins – Blue Bell Knoll
4. Orchestra Baobab – Dee Moo Woor
5. The Knife – Pass This On

p.s. Milla felt strongly that we should all see the video for the Russian version of Little Red Riding Hood.