Review: Jenny and Johnny at the Troubadour

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Jenny and johnny_When I walked into Jenny and Johnny’s sold out show at the Troubadour (presented by KCRW!) last night, one of the first things I saw was Jenny looking through the curtain from the Green Room upstairs and dancing to opening act Farmer Dave Scher.  That just set the evening off right.

I’ve seen Jenny many times (never with Rilo Kiley, surprisingly) and Johnny often accompanies her on stage, so I knew they had killer couple charisma, but last night it was THEIR show. They both have strong, rich, recognizable vocals and sound even better together.

They kicked it off with their first single Scissor Runner” and a slew of new songs from their album “I’m Having Fun Now.” One of my favorites was “My Pet Snakes” – which Jonathan introduced by saying “LA is a great breeding ground for snakes” with Jenny replying, “I’ve seen a few.” And it was clear they weren’t talking just about the ones on the ground. They also played “Switchblade,“ one of the first songs they wrote together, about being young and broke.

Truly, all the songs were great. This is an album I can listen to over and over again. Below is my running favorite, “Big Wave.

Can’t get enough! They’ll be touring through December and you can check out their tour dates here