Review: US Royalty Live at The Echo

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I missed Washington D.C.-based band U.S. Royalty at SXSW, but the beautiful thing is that many bands come touring through LA shortly afterwards and they are definitely a band you want to see live.

I’ve become accustomed to 30 minute sets at rock clubs and this was one of the few occasions I wished the band could have played twice as long.

They blazed through a set of songs that were on the same family tree as Zeppelin and T-Rex…and Fleetwood Mac. I had heard their cover of Stevie Nicks‘ “Wild Heart” (which has become a favorite of mine since DJ Mario Cotto hipped me to this incredible video) and when they started to play their song “Monte Carlo“, it was easy to hear strains of Fleetwood DNA pulsing through it.

Singer John Thornley — in his polka dot long sleeve shirt, white pants and snakeskin boots (and occasional tambourine) — embodied the early 70’s and since I can never go back in time and live in that glorious era of music-making, I appreciated the full on effort. They kicked off the set with a scorching track called “Hollywood Hollows“. That’s how you win an LA crowd over in the first 5 minutes.

They have another show in town over the weekend in Downtown LA, topping it off with a performance at DJ Chris Douridas’ School Night at Bardot, and I highly recommend catching them while you can.