Rhye Make Their Radio Debut on KCRW – Open

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When I walked into the studio this morning, there were dozens of candles and lights down low. Rhye was here. And for a band like this, you need some atmosphere.

Shortly after that, I met the wife of singer Mike Milosh and my  immediate internal response was “Wow, YOU’RE the woman!”.

There are few great make out records of late and Rhye’s “Woman is one of them, from beginning to end. It’s sexy stuff that, as Jason said today, makes you want to “cuddle”.  It was recorded by two men, super producer Robin Hannibal (also of Quadron) and Mike, who many mistake for a female singer because of his delicate Sade-like vocals.

We were talking to Robin after the session and he said they didn’t go into the studio with any specific intentions. They didn’t think about it at all, “it’s just what came out”.

Lead single “The Fall” was the first song they ever recorded together and easily their best, though “Open” and “3 Days” are quickly moving in as my favorites.

When it came to gathering a group of musicians to bring it all to life in a live show, they turned to Thomas Lea, who plays the 5-string violin. He brought together an incredibly talented crew, including Itai Shapira of The Decoders.

Even before they started playing, there was a buzz in the air at the studio and they proceeded to exceed everyone’s expectations in their radio debut.


p.s.: Ever wonder where the name came from? Robin, who is Danish, told me it’s a tribute to one of his favorite foods, rye bread. He moved to LA a few years ago and apparently its hard to find bread like they make back home. They added the “h” because of all the other “Rye” bands.

Rhye Live on KCRW – Set List

3 Days
The Fall
Major Minor Love
Shed Some Blood
It’s Over