RIP Bobby Keys

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If you’ve read Keith Richards’ biography “Life” (and if you haven’t, you should) you know what a major role Bobby Keys played in the band, especially on “Exile on Main Street”.

Recorded in the South of France (after the Rolling Stones fled the UK due to tax issues) in 1971, the double album is my all-time favorite record. It covers just about every genre imaginable — there’s country, rock, funk – and sax player Bobby Keys played a hugely important role in bringing the songs to life.

He passed away in Nashville today and I wanted to share some of the songs that feature his signature horns, “Happy“.

Keith and Keys were best buds. It’s only fitting he plays a huge role on one of Keith’s best lead vocal tracks.

He also featured on songs from “Some Girls”, “Let it Bleed”, and “Sticky Fingers”. Also, the title track of“Emotional Rescue”, the Stones BEST disco song: