RIP Lou Reed — A Tribute from KCRW

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Lou Reed

All of the KCRW DJs were devastated to hear about the loss of Lou Reed and we communicate our grief in the best way we know how — through the music itself.

The above photo hangs in Master Control, a daily reminder of Lou’s powerful impact on music and a major moment in the history of the station.

Chris Douridas was the first DJ on the air after the news broke, filling in for Anne Litt, who sent this written tribute from the East Coast. He interviewed Lou numerous times over the years. In one of their early conversations,  he recalls the time he actually left Lou speechless. Read about it here.

You can hear his tribute here:

And Lou Reed live on Morning Becomes Eclectic with Chris Douridas in 1996:

And Lou Reed live on Morning Becomes Eclectic with Chris Douridas in 1994:

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DJ Eric J. Lawrence, who is also KCRW’s Music Librarian, talked about why confrontational art is important and why Reed should be regarded as highly as Dylan in his written tribute. Tom Schnabel has a different take, reflecting on how Lou helped the Czech Republic break free of the USSR. Yes, it’s true!

Gary Calamar dedicated the second half of his show to Lou, including a rare pre-Velvet Underground song – “Merry Go Round” (by Lewis Reed) — and a “Perfect Day“demo.

Henry Rollins dedicated his entire show to the musician. He chose to “show how damn hard Lou impacted the world of music” by mixing in cover versions of his songs with his originals. Check out the set list below.

Editor’s Note: On the one-year anniversary of Lou’s death, musician Joseph Arthur played a collection of songs in tribute to the artist live on MBE He also took a moment to read a poem he penned to say goodbye to his close friend. Find the full session here.

Henry Rollins – Tribute to Lou Reed

Hour 1
01. The Velvet Underground – I Heard Her Call My Name / White Light/White Heat
02. Roky Erickson – Heroin / Roky Erickson / Gremlins Have Pictures
03. John Cale – Waiting For The Man / Live At Rockpalast
04. Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds – All Tomorrow’s Parties / Kicking Against The Pricks
05. Lou Reed – Satellite Of Love / Transformer
06. Lou Reed – Real Good Time Together / Street Hassle
07. Eater – Sweet Jane / The Album
08. Joy Division – Sister Ray / Still
09. Lou Reed – Men of Good Fortune / Berlin
10. Lou Reed – Shooting Star / Street Hassle

Hour 2
01. David Bowie – White Light/White Heat / Bowie At The Beeb
02. Lou Reed – White Prism / Ecstasy
03. Velvet Underground – What Goes On / Velvet Underground Boxset
04. Velvet Underground – I’ll Be Your Mirror (mono alt end) Velvet Underground Boxset
04. Velvet Underground – Venus In Furs / Norman Dolph Acetate
06. Iggy Pop – No Fun / Waiting For My Man / Nuggets
05. Big Star – Femme Fatale / Third
07. Lou Reed – September Song / September Songs: The Music Of Kurt Weill
08. Velvet Underground – I’m Set Free (alt mix) / Velvet Underground Boxset