RIP Lou Reed: Anne Litt Pays Tribute

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I’m listening to Chris Douridas as he fills in for me on KCRW while I am back east.

Lou Reed has just died, Chris is playing a thoughtful and moving tribute to Lou, and the day is a little greyer.  What a strange day to not be with you on the air, but I can’t think of a better host to pay tribute to Lou than Chris.

I had the privilege of meeting Lou Reed in 1996 when he was a guest on Morning Becomes Eclectic when Chris was hosting the show.  He was so powerful and crankily signed my box set and my hands literally shook handing the pen to him.  I couldn’t speak.

Lou Reed and The Velvet Underground simply made me listen to music differently.

For the first time I truly felt art, performance and music merge.  And as a young girl who had not yet been exposed to performance art and the avant garde, they were a revelation.

Lou Reed’s music has informed so much of what I value today in music and art.  And that is a gift I had not yet thought about until today.

I’m grateful and sorry I never said thank you properly.

So thank you.

And rest in peace.

— Anne