Robyn Hitchcock Live on KCRW — Fix You

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Robyn Hitchcock is a true original and a real entertainer. He was such a delight in studio, wearing his hot pink button down shirt, joking around between songs and performing an excellent slate of songs with a youthful enthusiasm and the trademark wit that has made him a cult favorite.

The British songwriter just celebrated his 60th birthday and  shared his theories on getting older with Jason Bentley.

Robyn and Jason by Larry Hirshowitz (The original image is no longer available, please contact KCRW if you need access to the original image.)

“ You glide through the portals, and there are no obvious ill effects. It’s not like your teeth start falling out over night, or your dysfunctions become extra powerful. It all looks normal, but you’re on that slow moving conveyer belt. You put your hand back, and you can’t get your hand back through that portal. You can see 59, 58, and 57…. all the way back.

Old people are basically just young people in crumbly bodies. It’s not like you have this vintage status that gives you wisdom inside or anything. I dare say your hormone levels drop, but essentially you’re the same thing. You’re a little ball of appetite held together with a conscience that you were when you were 15.”

He also called Rock n’ Roll an “old man’s game”, considering the artists raking in the dough on big summer tours.

But forget the stadium shows, Robyn Hitchcock in KCRW’s humble studio is proof enough. Check out the full session here


Robyn Hitchcock Live on KCRW – Set List

I Love You
Be Still
I’m Falling
Up to Our Nex (During which he worked in some of David Bowie’s Young Americans!)
Harry’s Song
Fix You
Alright, Yeah
Adventure Rocketship

And here is a vintage pic from an earlier visit to MBE, with Nic Harcourt and Ariana Morgenstern.

EPSON scanner image