Rodarte Designers Kate and Laura Mulleavy Guest DJ on KCRW

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mulleavysistersIn a Guest DJ Project first, we hosted a duo — Kate and Laura Mulleavy, the sisters behind the fashion line Rodarte.

People have asked me to book pairs in the past but I always decline, citing that the point of the show is to really get to know someone personally through their music tastes. And music tastes are truly PERSONAL – I don’t care if you’re married or business partners, chances are different songs affected and inspired you throughout your life.

However, I had heard the Mulleavy sisters are really tight and I thought, if anyone could pull it off, it’s siblings – people who grew up together and shared many of their life experiences since birth.

And I was right. They apparently jotted down their song list separately but came up with pretty much the same thing. They interrupted each other with excitement while talking about the songs, most of which proved what huge film buffs they are.

They barely spoke of fashion but, boy, do they know a lot about movies. I guess the two are more related than someone like me – not at all a fashionista – would realize.

Their choices were interesting and unique – they love Elvis’ haunting voice on “Blue Moon,” the simplicity and directness of Tom Petty’s lyrics in “Here Comes My Girl” and – my favorite – the Star Wars theme, where they express an affinity towards George Lucas for breaking all the rules to have the score without the credits at the beginning of the film.

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p.s.: if you love their work and live in LA, MOCA is currently presenting the first West Coast exhibition of the Mulleavy sisters’ work in a museum setting – including tutus they designed for Natalie Portman in Black Swan.

Kate and Laura Mulleavy’s Guest DJ Set Tracklist:

1. Here Comes My Girl — Tom Petty
2. Blue Moon — Elvis
3. The End – The Doors
4. Oo-de-lally – Roger Miller
5. Star Wars Theme – John Williams