Rogue Wave on MBE, Cover Depeche Mode

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Rogue Wave played a bunch of songs from their excellent new record “Permalight” this morning. Jason asked Zach Rogue whether he felt it was their best yet and he answered that it was “miraculous.” As many know, the band has suffered some serious hardships in their history, including major health problems that left Zach unable to play guitar for a period of months. When he was able to finally pick up the instrument again, he wrote a bunch of upbeat, optimistic songs. He proclaimed today that they’ll have to “kill us” to get rid of the band because maiming them clearly hasn’t stopped them. Its amazing that they can not only have a sense of humor about what they’ve gone through, but use it to inspire their work. They also treated us to a fantastic cover of Depeche Mode’s “Shake the Disease.”

Enjoy and check out the full session here