“Runaway Dreams” Mix by KCRW DJ Valida

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One of my favorite things about deejaying is coming across songs that sound good when they are played together. Looking back, I think it’s what got me into deejaying in the first place.

The moment I was able to lock the beats of two different songs and make them sound like one –that contained the elements of both– is when I fell in love with the art of mixing. Matching beats and keys of different songs, along with good programming or storytelling, is the essence of what we all do here at KCRW.

Runaway Dreams” was inspired by a recent chance discovery which happened when I played Tina Turner’s  “What’s Love Got To Do With It” (Zimmer Rework) alongside Dennis Ferrer’s  “Hey Hey” and realized how perfectly they match.

I remember having one of those “wow” moments at the party and writing it down to make sure I remember to play these two records together again…and then it dawned on me:  Why keep this just to myself and to a very limited number of people who happen to attend a future party where I may play this special blend? So I made a mix to share with all of you!

Valida – Runaway Dreams by Valida

I had a lot of fun making this mix and you can download it here.