Ryan Adams — Live From The Village Studios for KCRW

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Ryan Adams by Larry Hirshowitz

Ryan Adams is somewhat of a unicorn as far as artists go.

An undeniable talent not only as a musician and a songwriter, but as an accomplished producer as well.

His personal music style casts a wide net over several genres, including Folk-Rock, Americana, Punk and even a little bit of Metal. His equally diverse and devout fan base is handsomely rewarded with an incomparable output of material. This year he released his 14th studio album, but his bread and butter are near monthly 7″ singles and b sides that flow like a stream of consciousness.

There seems to be no end to the amount of quality material he can create but if you ask him how he does it, his answer lies somewhere between boy genius and tortured artist. It’s just not that hard, it just all has to come out somehow.

Hyperbole or not, there’s definitely something behind the mini-music factory at Pax-Am records, Adams’ own label.

We were able to get a small glimpse of whatever or however that all works when Ryan visited The Village Studios for a Morning Becomes Eclectic session.

Before the session, Ryan sat down with KCRW Music Director Jason Bentley to discuss all things (literally, all things) from black metal and super heroes to what it takes to play music at the most basic level. Check it out here:

We co-produced the session with Spotify who helped create this single of the song “Stay With Me“.

For the full session in HD video you can head over to the show page at KCRW.com .

And if you’re into the a la carte business, you can listen to all the songs from the session here. Definitely worth your time especially when you consider they ran through all of these back to back. No retakes, just pure music making machinery. Like I said, he’s somewhat of a unicorn.