Sam Sparro – “Pink Cloud” Video

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After releasing a very successful debut album (particularly in Europe), LA via Australia electro artist Sam Sparro has been keeping us all waiting for new music, with the exception of the “Pink Cloud” exclusive he gave KCRW last year. Well, now he is releasing that song on an EP, along with a bunch of remixes, that you can get for free in exchange for your email. He also released a video directed by Franc Fernandez.

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My thought watching this — can Sam Sparro be the male Lady Gaga? Mind you, I’ve known Sam personally for years, back when he used to croon ballads with that soulful voice of his at an underground music club I used to attend. I knew he would be a star then – he’s gorgeous, smart and talented – but with the addition of his flare for fashion and theatrics, he’s taken his career beyond what I ever expected. A new full length is expected soon – but not soon enough.