Sean Rowe Live on KCRW:

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I love waking up on a Monday morning and realizing I have a favorite artist coming in to perform. It was easy to jump out of bed knowing that Sean Rowe, musician and naturalist would be joining us today.

This time around he brought in a band, friends that he’s known for a while who are also excellent players and meld right into his songs.

I can’t get over his baritone. It’s so full and rich and I believe him when he sings. He feels each note he plays and can emote a variety of feelings through his lyrics.

It’s easy to drawLeonard Cohen comparisons when you hear him. I’ve seen him play many times but I’ve never heard him play Cohen’s classic “Bird On A Wire“, which he treated us to yesterday. During soundcheck, I asked him why he chose this song and he told me it’s not easy to pick a cover, because he wants to make sure he conveys the message the original artist intended. He chose this one because the lyrics are excellent and he loves the song.

Well, we stopped breathing for a few minutes in the performance studio. I think Leonard would be proud. Hear the full session in the archives here.