Secret Circuit: Local Artist We Love

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Being the scion of a pop art icon must be hard.

However, Eddie Ruscha Jr. has met the challenge with righteous, absurd aplomb.

Although we live in a world where the word “bohemian” is teetering between being a dirty word and one virtually devoid of meaning, Eddie is one of the lucky few who seem to truly embody an artistic ideal for living.

As a visual artist, he’s had showings in galleries. As a musician, he’s played in a number of local bands (Future Pigeon, Medicine) and is part of psychedelic disco duo, Laughing Light of Plenty. As a DJ, he was one of the founders of Echo Park’s legendary Dub Club and has a semi-nomadic left-field disco night called Thriftcoteque.

His most recent artistic endeavor, Secret Circuit, has had a banner year with a handful of remixes and solid 12″ releases on B.I.S. and Internasjonal records and a full length LP coming out on the Emotional Response label in September.

Tropical Psychedelics”? Yes, thank you.

— Mario Cotto

Editor’s Note: Fans of  his dad, renowned painter Ed Ruscha, can learn about HIS musical preferences right here.

Secret Circuit – Tropical Psychedelics LP – ERS003 by Emotional Response