Secret Sisters Live on KCRW

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KCRW was the first to play the Secret Sisters music and the lovely ladies from Muscle Shoals, Alabama thanked us this morning with a gorgeous set of songs – mostly sweet, sad tunes with the most perfect harmonies imaginable. It was like honey in your ears! Or, as recording engineer Ray Guarna puts it, “morning becomes innocent.”

After playing a few sad songs in a row, Laura Rogers dedicated a song to her family called “All About You” and told the audience if that song “doesn’t make you happy, you don’t have a heart.”  Laura and her sister Lydia are entirely loveable, both musically and in conversation with Jason Bentley, where they talked about working with Jack White and T-Bone Burnett as winning the “musical lottery.”

Their original songs like “Tennessee Me” stand up well against the classic they cover, including songs by Bill Monroe and George Jones.

The Secret Sisters have been announced as part of the bill for the Stagecoach festival and you can get a taste of their pure, soulful sound here in our archives


Secret Sisters Live on KCRW

I’ve Got a Feelin’

The One I Love is Gone

Why Baby Why

Why Don’t You Love Me


Tennessee Me

All About You

Something Stupid

Your Cheatin’ Heart

House of Gold