See ya at Soundsuits After Dark!?

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In the constant effort to bring art to the public, KCRW is partnering with the Fowler Museum for a pretty interesting, and best of all FREE night, for lovers of SOUND next Saturday, May 22. And its all ages!!

Of course I am excited to see that KCRW’s own Jason Bentley & Garth Trinidad will be providing the tunes for the event. So, this pretty much ensures that the music will be on point!

Check out Jason rockin’ it at Coachella!

In addition to the dancepants in Wilson Plaza, the galleries and exhibition halls will be kept open after hours to tour Nick Cave: Meet Me at the Center of the Earth.


It is the largest presentation of the Chicago-based artist’s Soundsuits, 10-foot tall multilayered, mixed-media suits extraordinarily decorated with ordinary items from everyday life, everything from vintage toys and sequins to buttons and pot holders. The materials create unusual sounds when the suits are worn and performed, hence the name “Soundsuits.”

I hear that some of the Soundsuits will be working the crowds, so it’ll be great to see them in action! AND…… if you bring an extra tshirt (or be one of the lucky 300 that gets a free pair of American Apparel socks) you can embellish and create your own! (Great for all ages, right!!)

So, I’m definitely in and I’m making all of my friends go and we are gonna eat from one of the many popular LA food trucks (crossed fingers for @Calbi, personally), hit the cash bar, dance to our fav djs, take in some art & culture, and maybe even make some of our own. What else would you do on a Saturday night?

Find out all the details here and “Meet Me at the Center of Earth” on May 22! Don’t forget to RSVP via the KCRW Facebook Page!

– Betsy Moyer