Seun Kuti Exclusive Live MP3 – Slave Masters

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Recently, KCRW DJ Jeremy Sole had a chance to chat with musician Seun Kuti, who leads the band Egypt 80 founded by his father, Afro beat pioneer Fela Kuti. We aired their conversation, as well as an exclusive live track on Morning Becomes Eclectic this morning.

You can stream it below now and download it as part of Today’s Top Tune this Friday.

Stream “Slave Masters -Live”

This version of “Slave Masters” was recorded March 24 at Mateel Community Center in Redway California and Seun says that show was a “big party”. In fact, all their shows are pretty incredible and reports from Indio suggested that Seun’s Coachella set was a highlight for many.

In their conversation, they talk about the cross-section of music and politics with Seun noting that there was a point in time you “weren’t considered a serious artist if you didn’t have a political edge”.  He listed a few elements that seem to keep politics out of music these days – the fact that most of the media is owned by multi-national corporations and that, as opposed to the unified front in the 60’s and 70’s, people fighting for change are so divided.

It’s an interesting conversation and worth a listen. Check it out in the archives here.