Sheila Govindarajan – “Lady of the Lake” EP – Record Release Review

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Sheila Govindarajan held her “Lady Of The Lake” record release release concert this past weekend… and by “held” I mean cradled, embraced and blessed.  If there’s any visual way of capturing the essence of the vibe and spirit of what went downer than down last night at the Blue Whale jazz club, it’s this altar that was set up in the green room for the show.

Sheila Govindarajan - altar

I want to say she was in rare form, but as someone with whom Sheila has sung with so often and for so long, I realized that she wasn’t in rare form.  She was in true form.  As if, for all these years she has been on her beautiful and brilliant path toward last night’s Sheila.  And that Sheila has been enriched, distilled and crystallized in recorded form as a time capsule more fragrant and potent than any ayurvedic tonic she has concocted up until now.

EVERYONE in the band was in top form. and both Alex Painter and Leanna Rachel were perfect background vocalists for Sheila’s timbre and soul.

Her debut record “Lady Of The Lake” was recorded by Lynne Earls, who has engineered records from k.d. lang, Flora Purim and Airto Moreira.  Earls graduated from Paul McCartney’s LIPA arts school, and was awarded honors in Sound Technology by Sir Paul himself. She was the perfect woman to harness the grounded yet other otherworldly sound of Sheila’s music.

Y’all know those morning when you awaken more awakened? Yeah… I’m on one of those.

You can purchase a digital download of Sheila Govindarajan’s Lady of the Lake EP here.